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Our goal is to make every composition a unique and worthy representation of your project within the shortest turn-around time possible, so that you can successfully continue to move forward.

Below are a sampling of the introductions written and produced specifically for podcasts, including "That Horror Show Podcast", "The Junk Drawer", "Sequel This", and "Wreck My Podcast".


For information on custom music production, please contact us below!  

We want to help you maximize your project's potential.

   -Theme song or jingle to welcome listeners to your show.   

   -Original song to fit the specific mood of a scene for film or television. 

We can make it happen!

Thank you for your interest!


17 Dec

That Horror Show Podcast is releasing their annual holiday horror movie episode. 

A reorchestrated theme incorporating deranged renditions of traditional holiday melodies melds cheer with fear.

2 Jan

Starting off the New Year with a new intro for Wreck My Podcast. Jordan and friends dissect childhood memories and reassess them to see how well they hold up.

They requested a late 90s/early 00s rock feel (representing the time period they most often discuss) that could be spoken over to introduce the topic of each show.

27 Jan

Tune-in to Tim and Chris on That Horror Show Podcast as they debut a new theme song today! This one attempts to present the evolution of horror soundtracks in 35 seconds or less.

23 Dec

Holiday favorites are discussed on the latest episode of The Junk Drawer Podcast.

Their theme song has been winterized. Complete with obligatory jingle bells and interpolation of a holiday classic.

7 Jan

Stoked On This, a companion to  Wreck My Podcast, discusses upcoming movies, tv, and music that have yet to be released, but are highly anticipated.

Listen to the lo-fi theme song and you'll understand what it's all about in under 20 seconds.

30 Apr

Today marks the debut of The Junk Drawer theme song.  Josh and Adam take turns educating each other, and their listeners, about random topics they find in The Junk Drawer

24 May

In commemoration of their 1st Anniversary, a new theme song premiers on Sequel This today! 

Listen as Marc and Dave pitch original ideas for sequels to established franchises.

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